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Don't tell anyone you found it! I do online things, since the end of the 1990s (yes, I'm old), mainly for fun. Websites on this and that, photo projects, social media stuff. In case you’re interested, scroll down to read about it. If you're not interested, well maybe go visit another website?


What I'm doing now

When I'm not busy doing something else

Storefronts of Japan

A photography project exploring Japanese cities, from southern Kyushu to northern Hokkaido, through the storefronts of theirs shops, bars and restaurants, with a focus on retro vibes.

I am sharing these charming, intriguing or surprising bits of urban design and architecture through daily posts on Instagram since 2020.

I developed a community of 50000+ followers, including dozens of artists from around the world who produced more than 2500 drawings inspired by my photos.

Are you still there?

Congratulations for scrolling down so far! Here’s more boring stuff about me.

I’m French, born in 1979, living in Japan since 2016. I’ve been doing internet things since the end of the 90s, when internet started to develop in France. My first websites were maintained by manually uploading html and jpeg files on a noisy 56k connection. I witnessed the evolution of online publication tools over the years. The birth of blogging platforms making it easier for everyone to publish things. The rise and fall of services such as Myspace, Blogger or Flickr. The establishment of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – for better or for worse.

I am a fan of WordPress, that I’ve been using for my personal and professional web projects since more than 10 years now. I love how it made website creation and management more accessible for all. Starting a web-based project is easier than most people think, with the right tools and ideas. Why don’t you try?

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